minor change aims to help entrepreneurs and organizations of all sizes strengthen and showcase their brand to the world in its own unique tone and style

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  • market

    as brand strategy consultants, understand your market to identify your position, opportunities, and threats.

  • audience

    understand your target audience by digging into demographics, psychographics, and behavioral insights so that we can hit the mark.

  • competition

    as an experienced branding consultant for small business to large business, we assess your competitors strengths and weaknesses to develop strategies that give you an edge.

  • technology

    utilize advanced technology in our brand strategy consulting to analyze and enhance your brand.

  • naming & messaging

    in brand consulting services, we create meaningful names and messaging that reflect the purpose and connect with your industry.

  • logo

    design meaningful logos that capture your brand's essence. it’s essential for effective brand design consultation

  • visual identity

    visual identity design builds trust. that’s why we develop visuals that reflect your brand's personality and story because we know it’s crucial in brand consulting and design.

  • brand guidelines

    provide brand consulting services, which is why we establish clear brand guidelines, from logo usage to typography, to maintain brand consistency.

  • marketing strategy

    develop customized strategies that, as a brand strategy consultancy studio, work best for our clients. our brand strategy consulting services enhance your market positioning and audience engagement.

  • website development

    the website we build never disappoints our clients. they align perfectly with your brand’s identity and business goals. minors create creative and user-friendly websites that depict your brand's story.

  • marketing materials

    minor marketing materials depict your brand story. from brochures to digital flyers, we design each piece to resonate with your audience, guided by our expertise in brand design consultation.

  • social media

    ensures every campaign and social media strategy reflects your unique positioning, enhances visibility and engages your target market. our branding consultancy expertise creates copy that maintains your brand voice and connects with your audience.

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