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Photo booth near me

there was a time when events were boring, but not anymore because the photo booth near me aims to make every event, whether it is a wedding, corporate, graduation, or any other event, fun but also memorable.


  • strategy,design,
  • website,marketing


  • 2024


as “photo booth near me” expanded, they felt the need for a new rebranding strategy and professional consultation. their existing brand identity and message were not successfully communicated through the expanding services. they needed a different direction to better reach their target demographic and express their value proposition. they needed a vibe that could scream, “we are here for a party!”


our mission was to breathe new life into the “photo booth near me.” that’s why we started with a name from the old name “smile and snap” to the wider and more inviting “photo booth near me,” ensuring it attracts the audience. our goal was to redesign their website to enhance their visibility as well. with every minor detail, we try to depict the fun and lasting memories they bring to events.


they wanted an seo-friendly name, so we helped them find the perfect one. we provided every service necessary to change the look and feel of their brand, covering everything from messaging to logo design. we crafted a customized website design website copy, and developed the site on wix.

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