hidden gem spot in a neighborhood


nick's chicken corner

design understand

mandeep singh decided to breathe life back into this deli, which had seen its fair share of closures. but not this time because he took the lead, dead-set on keeping it open.


  • brand strategy, art direction
  • website development


  • 2023


sometimes, it’s a real challenge to cook up something simple yet effective. they were after a brand identity that’d stick in folks’ heads and a website that is straight up, no fancy stuff.


our aim was crystal clear. we wanted to craft a brand vibe that’s comfy but still packs a punch. flashy wasn’t on our menu, as per our client’s wishes. that’s why we scouted for a solution that could hit the spot.


we handled everything from brand strategy to identity, leaving no stone unturned. next up, we cooked up a custom theme to mold it just right for their needs.

every idea has different challenges. what are yours?