the top 9 branding tools to use when marketing your business

there should be zero sloppiness when it comes to branding in the modern era if you want your company to thrive and be noticed. when it comes to marketing on the internet, branding is a priceless asset.


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there should be zero sloppiness when it comes to branding in the modern era if you want your company to thrive and be noticed. when it comes to marketing on the internet, branding is a priceless asset. what you stand for and the viewpoint your intended audience will adopt are both informed by it. because of this, branding tools are what you need if you are having trouble describing your brand or building your marketing plan.

software is always evolving, and there are now a plethora of tools available. there are benefits and downsides to this.

while it’s true that there is no shortage of food options, not all of them will satisfy your taste. similarly, not all of the tools available will be up to snuff if you have certain requirements.

tools, without a doubt, may be useful to you in a variety of ways. they can speed things up for you, but it takes time to figure out which is best for you. not with us, however, since we pay close attention to detail. we have compiled a list of the 9 branding tools to use when marketing your business.

without further ado, here are the top 9 branding tools to use when marketing your business!

  • hubspot: email signature generator
  • semrush: research & strategy
  • wistia: video branding
  • adobe illustrator: logo creation
  • canva: social media presence
  • frontify: brand guidelines
  • wix: website branding
  • quordoba: brand voice and writing tools
  • piktochart : visual branding

let’s find out about each one by one!

hubspot: email signature generator

one area that has been around for quite some time is email marketing. a lot of marketing tactics have come and gone, but email marketing is here to stay. know the reason? it’s roi, after all, and if you want your marketing emails to reflect your brand and get your point across, you need a signature.

though there are many options, we highly suggest hubspot for an email signature generator. based on our experience, we suggest it as the finest one we have discovered so far. its easy and straightforward use allows you to quickly and easily design a polished email signature, which is one of its main selling points. in addition, whatever theme or template you choose with it will be in line with your style guide. you may have your desired email signature sent to you.

semrush: research & strategy

people with a vision for the future know how crucial seo is. in such cases, you need to have a high search engine ranking for the appropriate keywords so that people will see your content.

for that reason, you should look for an seo tool, and semrush fits the bill. you can’t do seo without semrush. you can use it for research, to develop a winning strategy, and as well as obtaining seo keywords. additionally, it can provide you with content suggestions. because ranking is useless unless you’re ranking on the appropriate keywords in the right state or nation, semrush has a number of tools that may assist you in ranking on google’s first page and for the right audience. you need keywords that are ranking in the us if you want to target a us audience using semrush. additionally, you will discover all the information necessary for your marketing approach, including their trends and competition.

wistia: video branding

nowadays, videos are all the rage, but producing high-quality video content can be expensive. although adobe spark is widely used by experts, it is not suitable for beginners and their needs.

that is why wistia is the ideal platform for novices. wistia offers a wide range of customization options for its video hosting platform. your company’s logo and an image may be added. not only that, but you get the option of selecting the color scheme, text, and cta. wistia offers a free trial for new users, but a membership is required to unlock all of the features.

adobe illustrator: logo creation

pictures often convey a lot more information than words alone. logos are a great way to introduce yourself and your business to potential customers. it spells out your objective and the strategy you’ve used. adobe illustrator is the greatest tool to get a high-quality logo.

a popular tool among designers is adobe illustrator. that is why it is always becoming better and easier to use with new and enhanced functions. create a logo for your business that stands out with this tool. furthermore, it allows you to do more than just get a logo, it also gives you the ability to create unique visuals. adobe illustrator requires a membership, but believe us when we say it’s money well spent for designers.

a skilled user is all that’s needed to utilize adobe illustrator, which is like a magic pen. they know how to communicate a tale to the globe, so you can go for minor change for it.

canva: social media presence

having an engaging visual presence on social media is just as crucial as having engaging text. without a doubt, adobe illustrator and similar programs allow us to produce the greatest visuals. however, if you are unable to spend on a graphic designer, then canva will suffice.

you may use it to make your own graphics or choose one of the pre-made templates. numerous options will be offered to you. its drag-and-drop functionality makes working with components a breeze. one thing you should know is that if you use canva, your work will blend in with everyone else’s since there are a lot of individuals using the same template. moreover, if you pay for the premium membership, you get access to an extensive collection of templates. use canva as your last option, not a first.

frontify: brand guidelines

changing your brand standards on a regular basis can ruin your reputation. if you are in charge of a brand and need to connect with your target audience, you must strictly follow your brand guidelines. because of your style guide, people will remember you. every single platform has its own set of rules that you must adhere to.

if you’re wondering which website is ideal for a style manual, the answer is frontify. it could assist you in gathering the essentials, including style guides and templates, to communicate your standards to your team, customer, or service provider. although frontify is a solid choice, it is essential to approach an agency that comprehends your objectives in order to get a brand design guide. with this, you may get customized suggestions.

wix: website branding

if you want people to recognize your brand when they search online, you need a website. you should have an easy-to-navigate website that describes you and your services for this reason. in order to make everything fit your exact specifications, you may create a coding website.

coding isn’t simple, but with wix, even those without coding experience can build and personalize their own websites. having access to design templates and drag-and-drop functionality makes wix very user-friendly. in addition, it is compatible with a wide variety of applications and plugins, allowing you to expand your website’s capabilities. one of the best things about wix is that websites made with it can be made mobile accessible right away. another drawback is that it is not straightforward to transfer a wix-built website to another platform.

quordoba: brand voice and writing tools

now that you have the style guide and have put in all your work, it is your responsibility to ensure that everything is in accordance with it. however, we know that this is no easy task. what should you do is the question that arises here. using quordoba is an option.

since it would be impossible to manually review all of your written material, quordoba is a great alternative. that is a tool for content audits that can look over your blog posts, social media posts, stories, or anything else you need to look over. it employs sophisticated ai to review your website’s content, making it a content intelligence program. even if you don’t have time to evaluate it, that is all you need to adhere to your requirements.

piktochart : visual branding

visuals are crucial for making an impression on your target audience that will visit, as we said before. for that reason, following your brand’s requirements is essential for any visual material you produce, including infographics, pictures, and videos. you should assemble a team of graphic designers who are capable of ensuring that for you. there is a tool you can use if you don’t have a team.

piktochart is a top tool for this. infographics, newsletters, ebooks, and any other visual content can be easily created there in accordance with your brand’s style guide. in the long run, it will be best to let the experts deal with this as they have a better grasp of the style guide. any best agency will do for that. feeling less of a headache is another benefit.

in a nutshell

in general, tools are user-friendly and may manage a significant portion of your labor. for that reason, we have discussed the top 9 branding tools to use when marketing your business. they are quite useful when you are just starting out and don’t have a lot of funds. consider working with a marketing in-house vs. agency vs. freelancer who is familiar with your brand, target audience, and overall objectives if you are in a position to do so and have enough money to do so. because of their knowledge and insight, they speed up your progress toward your objectives. whether it’s a tool or an agency, you’re free to choose whatever one you feel will serve you best.

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