marketing in-house vs. agency vs. freelancer: benefits & drawbacks

if you’re still unsure about whether to hire a marketing agency or a freelancer or keep your marketing in-house, you’re not alone.


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if you’re still unsure about whether to hire a marketing agency or a freelancer or keep your marketing in-house, you’re not alone.

when deciding between an in-house marketing team, an agency, or a freelancer, there are a lot of things to think about. since there are numerous advantages, it follows that each one also has some disadvantages.

knowing which solution would be mutually beneficial for your company is important since every company has distinct objectives. that is why minor is taking care of everything so you can make an informed decision for your company.

alright, let’s begin!

what is in-house marketing?

employing an in-house team means that your current staff will be responsible for all aspects of marketing. working with an in-house team eliminates the need for most organizations to engage a freelancer or agency. that is not enough since establishing an in-house team does not guarantee the accomplishment of your marketing objectives.

to get the most out of your in-house marketing team and reach your objectives, it’s important to build a solid foundation. you should fill such roles with experts who know how to assist you in reaching your objectives once you’ve identified the most critical regulations.

an in-house marketing team should consist of a chief marketing officer (cmo), a creative director, and experts in:

  • on the web, advertising via search engines, local search engines, pay-per-click, content, email, and social media
  • all things related to the web should not be limited to programming, user experience design, website creation, hosting, and maintenance
  • think creatively about brands, strategy, and advertisements

benefits of in-house team

the following sections will go over all of the advantages of an in-house team as opposed to an agency.

a mastering of brand persona

when it comes to understanding your brand’s personality and products, having an in-house staff might be advantageous. since they would just have to worry about your product, they will be able to comprehend it better. moreover, having a solid grasp of the brand identity also allows them to assist customers in better understanding it.

company investment

more than half of the businesses surveyed think they get an advantage when they recruit their own employees. as said before, these workers will have a singular focus, which will allow them to adhere to it more closely; additionally, their success is directly tied to yours, so they will give it their all. you may improve your team’s creativity and maintain brand consistency by hiring an in-house designer vs agency. you might think of it as an investment that can provide a return.

transparency & better communication

when it comes to marketing in-house vs. agency, the best communication is what people can get out of it. being open and honest about your brand may prevent misunderstandings, which can lead to tragedy. a plethora of meetings and discussions about your brand or project are required for that.

furthermore, you will be cognizant of your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to identify the precise service you need, even if you decide to collaborate with an agency in the future. since your marketing data will be better understood, it will also aid you in achieving transparency.

drawbacks of in-house marketing

advantages and disadvantages are always connected; that is why they mostly go together. that is the same case here. if an in-house vs agency has benefits, it also has drawbacks.

end of creativity

when you do the same thing over and over again, you eventually become bored and stop giving it your whole attention. that is the case with in-house marketing as well. when they’re all working on the same brand, they stop considering other brands’ strategies and become complacent. it will lead to the same dull matters, which will -not aid in your growth since it will keep you stuck in the same position.

lack of experience

hiring experts for your in-house team might be expensive and ultimately unproductive if you go with the second option, which is to staff with individuals who lack relevant knowledge. your new hires will need extensive training, which will take time. as the owner of the brand, you also have a lot of additional responsibilities. working on the products will have to take a back seat if you prioritize educating your personnel. that is why working with an agency is the final outcome.

difficulties of hr & pricey tool

you need a plan for the future if you want your marketing efforts to pay off. a skilled worker who is willing to commit to your organization for the long haul is what you need for that. in the event that one of your workers decides to leave your organization, you should prepare to put your projects on hold for a while. not to mention how difficult it is to recruit and educate new employees. when that happens, the quality of your business suffers.

in addition, you’ll need to shell out some cash for essential marketing tools like semrush, hubspot, and similar ones. buying all of these tools for your crew might become pricey if you’re just operating a one-person show. depending on their specific field, each individual you hire will need a different tool. yes, it may get rather costly.

what is a marketing agency?

formerly, marketing agencies used to employ individuals with extensive knowledge in several domains. employing a marketing agency means gaining access to their top talent, which means you can focus on running your company and reaching your objectives.

whatever your marketing needs may be, from copywriting and seo to branding and beyond, they have you covered. services are customizable to meet your company’s requirements, but it’s important to find a branding agency like “minor change studio” that will collaborate well with your brand and really grasp its essence.

benefits of marketing agency

similar to in-house marketing, working with a marketing agency offers several advantages. you will learn why it’s better to hire a marketing agency vs freelancer in the sections that follow.

instant results

the specialists at the agency would gladly accept your headaches along with their fees in exchange for their assistance in achieving your goals. agencies have specialists that can get the job done more quickly than any in-house crew. you also don’t have to train them.

while you are free to temporarily suspend service if you are experiencing financial difficulties, the home staff needs uninterrupted monthly payments. there are higher chances of getting results faster in agency vs freelancer vs in house.

innovative perspective

you can always count on the agency staff to bring a new perspective to the table since they are always given new tasks to do. if you ask them, they may also reveal your hidden possibilities for improvement. it will be obvious that they want you to be the center of attention.

if the agency has worked with your kind of client before, that’s even better. they have experience in your field and may provide helpful insights.

lower cost & expertise

hiring a team takes time and effort to train individuals, but it also involves a substantial financial investment. as an alternative, if you hire an agency, it will have professionals who are knowledgeable about your field, which will save you time. not to mention, it will be more affordable than bringing in your own staff. you have the option to use the service for a particular area. in a nutshell, you will receive the low-priced expert!

drawback of marketing agency

yes, there are a few downsides when employing an advertising agency, and we’re going to tell you about them.

different location

it might be challenging to establish a connection when your company is situated in one place, and the agency you are hired by is in another. then, you’ll have to choose a time that works for you according to your schedule.

for that reason, you should verify their level of expertise in this area before employing an agency located in a foreign country. with their extensive background, they are well-equipped to handle nations worldwide.

reducing focus

there is a possibility that you may feel ignored if the company you hired is unprofessional in its customer management. that is why you have the option to switch agencies if that happens to you. if you want your brand to succeed, you need an agency that will focus on both you and your brand.

insufficient time & control

as a general rule, when you hire specialists, you should let them handle your marketing. after all, they are experts in their own industries. because of this, choosing a reliable agency is essential. in addition, when you hire them, set aside some time for them to get to know you and your business so they can better grasp the values and objectives you have set for them.

what is freelancer?

freelancers used to be individuals who worked on a project basis, and you can hire one related to your needs. mostly, a freelancer works for a different company as an employee but also works part-time as a freelancer.

benefits of freelancer

there are also numerous beneficial aspects of being a freelancer, and we’ll talk about them all so you can make a better decision about which one is best for you.

affordable choice

if your budget is tight, there’s no need to employ an agency or build your own staff. freelancer is an option you may consider. you can pay for the particular task you need to be done without committing to anything long-term.

increased speed

having an in-house staff that has been working on the same brand for a long time might lead to boredom, as we discussed before. then, you may bring in a freelancer. since you’ll be paying less and getting new ideas, and they will work faster, it’s a win-win situation for you. you are also not required to provide them with two weeks’ notice. they are available to hire for certain projects and will leave after those tasks are completed.

convenient location & maintenance

freelancers’ global accessibility is their greatest asset. when compared to staff, the cost is less. additionally, unlike in-house staff, they do not need your emotional involvement. if the first freelancer doesn’t meet your expectations, feel free to pick another. for you, this is an endless possibility.

drawbacks of freelancer

there are a few drawbacks that you should know before hiring a freelancer vs. agency marketing or an in-house team. that’s why we are covering them for you!

extended periods

the fact that your hired freelancer has other clients is the first thing that stands out. due to this, you should prepare for the project durations and turnaround times in advance. the lengthier timescales may cause the process to slow down, which isn’t ideal, particularly when you’re just starting off.

different schedules

it would be challenging for you to reach out to freelancers when it is convenient for you since they operate according to their own schedules. it will be extremely hard to arrange a meeting and ensure that they understand your brands if they reside in separate time zones. ensure that they are a good fit for you.

various quality

when you hire freelancers, you almost certainly won’t get good quality. that is why it is crucial to do a thorough study to identify the individual who can grasp your brand’s essence and execute tasks appropriately. if that’s not the case, you’ll get work that isn’t very good that you didn’t even get from your in-house team. you will suffer a complete and utter loss.

in a nutshell

the comparison of marketing in-house vs. agency vs. freelancer is what you go through before selecting the best one for your brand’s marketing. we have addressed the disadvantages and advantages for you to decide best.

if you have sufficient money and time, you may choose in-house. you may employ an agency if you want to save time and leave things in the hands of professionals. furthermore, you may hire a freelancer if you want to have your task done quickly and cheaply.

if you are a startup or have been in the same business for a while but have not yet accomplished your goals, reach out to “minor change” because we can assist you. let’s start your journey!

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